Adrenaline 101 "Demons in the Closet"

Release: June 2013 via Fastball Music

Recorded by: Ralph Zünd at 2-Inch Records Goldau Switzerland

Produced by: Ralph Zünd and Adrenaline 101

Mixed by: Fredrik Kjellin at Studio Tre Vasteräs Sweden

Mastered by: Dan Suter at Echochamber Zürich Switzerland

Cover Artwork by: Rod "Koot" Chambers

Adrenaline 101 "Twelve Step Program"

Released via STF Records in 2011

A 12 track high energy rock n’ roll record with attitude! Screaching guitars, a punching bass, hard hitting drums combined with a remarkable voice that will burst your ear canal.
Produced In-House by the band, the album was mixed by Fredrik Kjellin (Mothers Finest, Glenn Hughes) in Sweden and mastered by legendary George Marino in New York.